KTM and Husaberg Partner with SuperB


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The FMF/KTM Factory Racing Team and Husaberg Factory Racing Team are excited to announce a new partnership with SuperB that will extend throughout the remainder of the 2011 racing season.

SuperB introduced a revolutionary new battery type, specifically designed for motorcycles, that replaces the existing lead/acid battery with a lithium-ion technology.

The SuperB battery offers many advantages over conventional batteries including, lighter weight, faster charge time, more compact design, and a longer service life.

The company was founded in 2007 by Mr. M.H. Doornekamp, an enduro rider from Holland. Upset over the lifetime of his four-stroke battery-life, he began a quest to engineer a more reliable battery. Being an engineer himself, he developed a new lithium-ion light-weight battery for use in motorsport racing.

FMF/KTM and Husaberg Factory Team Manager,

Antti Kallonen (FMF/KTM and Husaberg Factory Team Manager) says: “I’m pleased to partner with SuperB for the 2011 racing season. It is important in off-road racing to have a strong and reliable battery that guarantees the bike will start every time you hit the button.

“Many of our series involve a dead engine start where it is crucial to have a good battery to get the jump you need. SuperB helps our FMF/KTM and Husaberg motorcycles get off the line the fastest each time. Having SuperB batteries on all our electric start 4-stroke KTM’s and Husaberg’s is a big advantage and a peace of mind for our riders.”

Doornekamp is equally excited about the partnership with the FMF/KTM and Husaberg Racing Teams.

M.H. Doornekamp says: “Our company is elated to partner with KTM and Husaberg, both leading brands in the off-road market. After years of testing our batteries in the Dakar Rally, motocross and multiple enduro series, we are proud that SuperB can be part of the world’s best off-road teams.”

For more information on SuperB batteries please visit super-b.com.