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Rockstar Suzuki Amateur MX Top Race Results

Amateur Motocross

The Millcreek Spring Classic in Arizona and the GNC International Finals in Decatur, Texas, are week-long events during which amateur motocross racers come from all over the world to test themselves against the very best in their class.

Both of these events have hosted countless factory riders who have gone on to become motocross and supercross champions.

Riding the 2011 line of Suzuki RM-Z’s and the RM85, including the new fuel-injected RM-Z250, the Rockstar Suzuki Amateur Team was once again dominant on the podium with championships in almost every class.

Jeremy Martin stood out as he swept all B classes at the Spring Classic and won 2-out-of-4 at the GNC.

Jennifer Burton captured her first championship at her very first event aboard a Suzuki RM-Z250 at the Spring Classic. And in the GNC’s, Michael Mosiman took his Suzuki RM85 to the 85 7-11 Stock Championship while Rockstar Suzuki teammate Sean Cantrell powered his RM85 to the 85 7-11 Modified Title to sweep the 7-11 age group classes.

Brian Noah (Suzuki’s Motocross Support Specialist) says: “American Suzuki Motor Corporation is very pleased with our amateur results at these early 2011 events. We’re proud of all our riders and proud of the performance of the RM’s and RM-Z’s in all classes. With Suzuki riders earning 30 podiums at the very first event of the year I expect even more outstanding results in the coming months.”

The 2011 Rockstar Suzuki Amateur Team’s next event is the NMA World Mini GP in Mesquite NV on April 12-17.

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Following is a list of just a few of the Suzuki riders’ accomplishments:

Mill Creek Spring Classic Results – Pell City, AL – March 8-13

Suzuki Champions:
*Jeremy Martin – 450B Mod, 250B Stk, 450B Stk, 250B Mod
Cameron Fasnacht – 450C Stk
*Jace Owen – Schoolboy 2
*Alexander Frye – Jr Mini 9-13
*Jennifer Burton – Women

Suzuki Podiums:
Billy Adkins – 2nd – 45+
*Justin Summers – 2nd – 450B Mod
Enrico Narbonese – 3rd – 450C Stk
Brendan Harp – 3rd – College B/C
*Michael Mosiman – 2nd – 85 9-11 Mod
Hannah Hodges – 2nd – Girls 9-13
*Kylie Fasnacht – 3rd – Girls 9-13
*Alexander Frye – 2nd – 85 12-13 Mod
*Joey Crown – 3rd – 85 12-13 Mod
Chad Kelly – 3rd – 450C Mod
Billy Adkins – 3rd – 40+
*Joey Savatgy – 2nd – 250B Stk
*Bryan Johnson – 2nd – 25+ Expert
Blair Miller – 3rd – 25+ Expert
David Nizzari – 2nd – 250C Mod
*Justin Summers – 2nd – 450B Stk
*Jordan Bailey – 3rd – 85 9-11 Stk
*Joey Savatgy – 2nd – 250B Mod
Brinsley Dyess – 2nd – Women
Cameron Fasnacht – 2nd – 250C Stk
Enrico Narbonese – 3rd – 250C Stk
*Jordon Smith – 3rd – Supermini 2
* Indicates Rockstar Suzuki Amateur Team rider

GNC International Finals (Results) – Decatur, TX – March 15-20

Suzuki Champions:
*Jeremy Martin – 250B Stk
*Michael Mosiman – 85 7-11 Stk
*Sean Cantrell – 85 7-11 Mod
*Jeremy Martin – 450B Mod

Suzuki Podiums:
*Joey Savatgy – 2nd – Schoolboy Stk
Claudio Leocata – 2nd – 250B Stk
Kyle Hopkins – 2nd – 250C Stk
*Joey Savatgy – 2nd – 250B Mod
*Joey Crown – 3rd – 85 12-13 Stk
Chris Torrance – 2nd – 25+ A
Mark Beamer – 3rd – 45+
Andrew Pierce – 2nd – 85 14-16 Stk
*Jordan Bailey – 2nd – 85 7-11 Stk
Brinsley Dyess – 3rd – Women Non Pro
*Jeremy Martin – 2nd – 450B Stk
*Jordon Smith – 3rd – 85 14-16 Mod
Hannah Hodges – 2nd – Girls thru 13
*Justin Summers – 3rd – 450B Mod
* Indicates Rockstar Suzuki Amateur Team rider

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