Frankie Chili: TTXGP Superbike Coach

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During his 12-years in the FIM Superbike World Championship, the Italian Pierfrancesco Chili won 17 World Superbike races and finished 61 races on the podium. In addition, he holds the World SBK record for the most starts at 278.

This man, aka Frankie Chili, has emerged to share his knowledge and experiences by joining the MÜNCH Racing Team during its Electric Superbike test runs in Spain.

"To further improve the TTE-1.2 the first test runs were completed at the Circuit Monteblanco in Sevilla" states the TTXGP Superbike World Champion and MÜNCH rider Matthias Himmelmann.

"Amongst other amendments we applied new underbody components, a more powerful engine and improved tires. The underbody was developed by Öhlins in Meuspath close to the Nürburgring and the new TTX damper is a custom product. Additionally the steering lever has been modified."

The former grandmaster of Superbike Pierfrancesco Chili, who already knows the Sevilla Spain new racing track inside out was available as an instructor and test operator.

"With his long-time experience in the 500cc GP and Superbike World Championship series Frankie Chilli passed on valuable advice to the team. Hence, we were able to realize his proposals and achieve faster racing times while enjoying summer-like temperatures of 29°C." said Matthias Himmelmann about the famous SBK supporter.

After four days in Monteblance the test runs moved to the even faster track in Barcelona. "I had the opportunity to lap on the gasoline-burning superbike, our petrol-driven Ducati test machine and take Chili’s advice. He really helped us and I would like to thank him for his great support," commented Matthias Himmelmann.