Toni Bou & Repsol: 5x Indoor Trial Champ

Madrid, Spain

The rider of the Repsol Montesa Honda Toni Bou won with a victory, a new X-trial World Championship (the Indoor Trial World Championship), his fifth consecutive indoor title as he had already achieved in the last four seasons.

The motorcycle Trial rider, on his Montesa Honda, confirms with this success an excellent start of the season by achieving again a great victory in this championship one round before the end.

After winning in the preceding four rounds -Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona and Geneva-, the Repsol rider received at the Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid the points he needed to mathematically secure the title.

Without reducing the level he has shown since he joined the Repsol Montesa Honda team in 2007, Bou was able to celebrate a new world championship title in front of the Spanish audience.

With this success, Toni Bou and Repsol have already achieved 9 Trial World Championships (5 Indoor and 4 Outdoor) and 5 Spanish Championships (4 Indoor and 1 Outdoor), in less than five seasons. This new title confirms that the 24-year-old rider from Piera is currently the best of the speciality.

The Repsol rider will be able to enjoy his new title next week in Milan, where the last round of this 2011 X-Trial World Championship will take place.