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Born on October 17, 1986 and living in Piera (Barcelona, Spain), Toni Bou started as a Bike Trial rider when he was eight. After winning the World Championship, in 1999 he took the leap to the Motorcycle Trial.

In 2001 Toni Bou took the Junior Spanish Championship, followed by the 250cc European Cup for young stars in 2002 and the European Championship in 2003. In 2005 he was part of the team that won the Trial des Nations, was runner-up in the Trial Indoor Spanish Championship and fifth in the Outdoor World Championship.

After joining the Repsol Montesa Honda team in 2007, Toni Bou dominated the Indoor World Championship. With a Montesa Cota 4RT, Toni Bou won four of the eight rounds that formed the Indoor Trial calendar.

He also won won the 2007 Trial Outdoor World after taking nine victories from the eleven rounds of the Championship. The icing of the cake was the Repsol rider’s victory in the Indoor Spanish Championship and his third consecutive win as a member of the Spanish team in the Trial des Nations.

The following year the Repsol rider repeated his title in the Indoor World Championship and, after seven wins and five second positions in the Outdoor Championship. To close the season, he took again the Trial des Nations win with Spain and was once more Trial Indoor Spanish Champion.

Toni Bou took again the title in 2009 of the Indoor and Outdoor Trial World Championships. He won four rounds indoor from the five that took place and seven outdoor from the eleven that formed the calendar.

He finished the season winning the outdoor and indoor Spanish Trial Championships and achieving a fifth victory in the Trial des Nations with the Spanish team. An amazing season in which he won the five titles he was fighting to get.

The Repsol rider started the 2010 season proceeded to repeat for the fourth year in a row the victory in the World Championships, both indoor and outdoor.

Four wins and one second position in the five rounds of the 2010 Indoor Trials Championship and with seven wins in ten rounds of the Outdoor Championship, Toni Bou took his fourth consecutive title.

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