BikeMaster TruGel Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle Battery

When putting together a competition or custom motorcycle, the placement of the battery can be a challenge. The new BikeMaster TruGel battery uses NanoGel electrolytes that allow the battery to be mounted in any position without fear of leakage or performance degradation.

Upon receipt, I turned the TruGel battery upside down and charged it with a Beltran Battery Tender Junior. I then installed it sideways on a Suzuki DR-Z400S that had been sitting with a dead battery for a few months. Usually, after not running for a while, the DR-Z is reluctant to fire.

Much to my delight, the BikeMaster TruGel battery powerfully turned over the DR-Z, starting it up almost instantly-something it never did from dead cold with a traditional battery.

The BikeMaster TruGel battery comes with a two-year warranty. In this YouTube video, you can see the BikeMaster commercial about the new TruGel battery.

They disucss the unique gel electrolyte that provides claimed higher cranking amps, lasts twice as long as conventional batteries, resists vibration, is non-spillable even if the battery is cracked, and operates in any position.


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