ND Man Plans Giant Motorcycle Sculpture

Enchanted Highway Sculptures

Every August, thousands of bikers flock to South Dakota for the annual Sturgis Rally, which to some is the ultimate motorcycle rally for the V-Twin enthusiast.

These motorcyclists arrive from all directions, traveling for days to get to their destination. Along the way to Sturgis they spend some cash at many tourists sights, and one man from North Dakota wants bring his town into the action.

The man, Gary Greff, is a metal sculptor from Regent, N.D. The artist’s plan is to build the largest sculpture motorcycle along the Enchanted Highway in western North Dakota, a route that is frequented by Sturgis travelers.

"Bikers are always looking for a day trip from Sturgis and maybe we can entice them for an overnight stopover," Greff said in a local report.

Greff is planning to start the build over next winter, and have the monster motorcycle erect by the summer of 2012. And monster motorcycle is exactly the word for this sculpture, which is expected to be 42 feet high at the handlebars, and have a wheelbase of 102 feet.

Greff’s other giant sculptures are on display along the Enchanted Highway that connect Regent to Interstate 94, including Deer Crossing, Grasshoppers in the Field, Teddy Rides Again and Geese in Flight, to name a few.

The huge motorcycle sculpture is expected to cost around $100,000. As a source of funds to build and maintain such sculptures on the Enchanted Highway, Greff and his brother are currently remodeling a former elementary school, turning the building into a motel for visitors to stay in Regent.

Greff said he and his brother, Don Greff, are currently working on transforming the former Regent Elementary School into a 23-room motel to serve as a source of funds for maintaining the Enchanted Highway and creating new sculptures; this will likely become an overnight stay for many motorcyclists traveling to Sturgis.

Pics show Greff’s various metal sculptures along the Enchanted Highway