Motorcycle Mexico: An Educational DVD

Motorcycle Touring Education

Thousands of intrepid travelers from across the world take their motorcycles on epic adventures through Latin America every year, but, until now, they were lacking a comprehensive and entertaining resource to help guide them through Mexico.

International motorcycle traveler and entrepreneur Ben Slavin has created a 2-disc DVD set, Motorcycle Mexico, to inspire and educate riders to explore Mexico by motorcycle.

Latin American explorer Slavin wants to give back to the community that has given him so much by empowering other riders to take the ride they have been dreaming of.

He not only wants to inspire riders but also to educate them, in order to ensure that they have a safe and memorable experience. "Riders are always asking me for advice ‘What documents do I need at the border crossing?’ ‘How is the road quality?’ ‘Isn’t it dangerous?’" says Slavin, who recently traveled for eight months through Mexico, Central and South America (read about his adventure at

Ben Slavin says: "The truth is, it’s a wonderful place to ride. Sometimes it just takes overcoming a little fear, having a little knowledge, or getting a little encouragement. And that is what I want to share with other riders: Mexico is a beautiful country to explore. Mexico has genuinely friendly people, delicious food, spectacular scenery, awe-inspiring archaeological sites and some of the best roads in the world."

In addition to what Slavin learned on the road, he interviewed veteran motorcycle travelers and local experts who shared their hard-earned knowledge. Motorcycle Mexico will show aspiring travelers how to traverse the confusing world of border crossings, which of those "legitimate" speeding tickets you actually need to pay, and where to find the best repair shops in the remotest regions of the Sierra Madre.

Ben Slavin says: "I wanted to make the DVD I wish I could have seen before I left on my trip. I hope it will help riders to get inspired, get educated, and get on their way."

Release Date: February 22, 2011
Language: English (with some really poor Spanish by the filmmaker)
Run Time: Approx 5 hours (2-disc DVD set)
Price: $36.99 (2-disc DVD set)