Althea Test Superstock Ducati at Vellelunga

Althea Ducati Testing

The Althea Racing World Superstock / Superstock team carried out a one-day testing session Saturday at the Vallelunga circuit near Rome, Italy.

Out on track were Althea Superstock riders Lorenzo Baroni and Davide Giugliano, as well as Luca Conforti who got to grips for the first time with Michelin tires on his Ducati SBK 1098 F10.

The Stock test, carried out by Lorenzo Baroni, was also the first opportunity to see the new livery of the Ducati 1098R that Lorenzo will ride this season.

Testing was carried out in sunny but cold conditions and the team’s hard work combined with Lorenzo’s preparation meant that the rider was able to lap very close to the track record for this category. His best time was in fact a 1’40 flat, with a total of 80 laps completed.

Different solutions were implemented regardings suspensions as well as refinements to the general set-up that will allow Lorenzo to be ready for the start of the 2011 season, a season in which he will surely be a protagonist on the Ducati.

Davide Giuliano on the other hand got to taste a Ducati 1098 (2010 version) with which he was able to quickly build up confidence and enjoy himself. Of course the team, which has in the past allowed Baroni to ride the Superbike at Aragon, wanted to adopt the same system for Giugliano, seeing as the two riders could be future candidates for Superbike rides.

The approach paid off as Davide was able to lap in an impressive 1’39 after only a few laps. Pain in his left arm unfortunately meant he had to finish early; perhaps the long period of inactivity made it difficult to adapt to the powerful Ducati Superbike which required great strength. Davide is nonetheless determined to continue with his physical preparation, so as to be 100% fit at the start of the STK 1000 season.

Luca Conforti and the Michelin staff used the time to adapt the new tyres to the Ducati 1098 F10. It was a long job, which required frequent in-outs but by the end of the day they had identified the best solution, allowing Luca to enjoy himself on the bike. The Michelin technicians worked hard to allow the rider to select the best tires, although further tyre tests are planned for the Althea Racing team.

A positive test therefore for the Althea team which also sees the arrival of some new technicians. All elements of the team worked in harmony and at the end of the day everyone was extremely satisfied with what had been achieved.