Supercross: Stewart Struggles at Houston

AMA Supercross

Team San Manuel Yamaha Red Bull’s James Stewart had a great start at Houston’s Reliant Stadium this weekend.

He set pace for the day with the fastest qualifying lap time in Practice of 48.60. Stewart then won his Supercross Heat race in dominant fashion, taking the lead in the first lap and posting an even faster lap time of 47.85.

But the Main Event was a different story for the multi-time Supercross Champion. Off the start, a pile up in the first turn knocked Stewart down, pushing him back to 15th place in the first lap.

Stewart quickly remounted and began to charge ahead, when he was set back again in the 6th lap, after crashing with another rider.

James Stewart (Yamaha Supercross) says: "The track was really difficult and it was definitely tough for me out there. In the second crash my front break was bent so my wheel kept stopping in the air and it was a little scary. The good thing is I’m healthy and I’ll be back next week in San Diego."

With a broken front brake Stewart was forced to ride slower than his usual pace and finished 15th.

Stewart’s teammate Kyle Regal had a similar day with a great start in Heat 2 where he grabbed the holeshot, rode a solid race and finished fourth for a direct transfer to the Main.

Unfortunately for Regal, he was caught behind the pile up in the first turn of the Main and managed to finish directly behind his teammate in 16th, after racing on the challenging Houston track.

Kyle Regal (Yamaha Supercross) says: "I am definitely disappointed with my race in Houston. I was hoping for better results. I’m just going to have to work hard to get a better start in San Diego."

Stewart is now in second place with 123 points, just nine points shy of the lead. Regal is currently in 14th place with 43 points.