JIMS: Harley-Davidson Cam Cover Heat Sink

Harley Cam Cover

The patent pending, JIMS Cam Cover Heat Sink is designed to help reduce running temperatures of high performance, big-inch Harley-Davidson motors that often run hotter than smaller, stock displacement motors.

JIMS and Cornerstone Metrology teamed up to integrate a cool looking "fin pack" design into a stock Harley cover insert that when riding, uses the cooler outside air to help reduce temperatures.

Installation uses the existing Harley timing cover hardware and only takes minutes. JIMS® Cam Cover Heat Sink is manufactured from top quality aluminum here in the USA and is available in Chrome Plated, No.2311 or RawCut Black, No.2303 and ranges in MSRP from $74.10 to $98.50, depending on finish.

For more information find us on the web at jimsusa.com, become a JIMS facebook fan, or call 805-482-6913.


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