Harley Exhaust: Samson Powerflow III

Harley-Davidson Aftermarket Exhaust

Samson is introducing its new Powerflow III into their 2 into 1 exhaust line for various Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This third generation of the Powerflow series is the most powerful 2 into 1 ever made for H-D motorcycles.

Samson took some old engineering from the first Powerflow system and implemented it into the newly engineered Powerflow III.

The engineering implemented into the Powerflow III is from accumulation of years of research on how power is generated; the power is generated through a series of chambers (called the "Power Chamber") which help condense and intensify exhaust flow and results in extremely high horsepower and torque.

The results of these exhaust systems on Harley-Davidson motorcycles are phenomenal. With the new Samson system you can turn a stock HD and turn it into a high performance motorcycle by simply changing out the pipes.

Prices starting at $599.95.

For more information on this product, please contact us at 888-5-SAMSON or check out our website at SamsonUSA.com.