Toni Bou Conquers Barcelona Trial

Motorcycle Trial

In Barcelona Spain, once agian the Repsol Montesa Honda team motorcycle rider, Toni Bou, secured the victory of the third round of the X-Trial World Championship, the Trial Indoor World Championship.

After winning in Genoa and Marseille, the World Champion brought the Palau Sant Jordi fans to their feet with his magnificent motorcycle riding performance.

Bou swept to victory again in the Catalan city, leading the three parts of the day. The Repsol motorcycle rider only took two points in the qualifying, three more in the semifinal and just one point, due to time,in the final.

After a specially demanding course, Toni Bou offered a riding lesson in zones impossible for the rest of the participants, leaving the second placed 18 points behind and securing his third consecutive Trial victory in Barcelona.

His teammate in the Repsol Montesa Honda, Takahisa Fujinami, classified in sixth position. The Repsol motorcycle rider, who was still bothered by neck problems after his crash in Marseille, overcame the qualifying, but finished in a low position due to a mistake in a parallel race, that has affected him in the rest of the semifinal.

With only three rounds left to the end of the Championship, Bou increases his lead at the top of the classification -18 points over the second-. The next round will take place next week in Geneva, Switzerland.

Toni Bou says: "The truth is that it was unbelievable. To ride as I did today and to do it in Barcelona is a dream come true. Because I have done many exhibitions here, fantastic races, but never like today. I think that if I had prepared it, it would not have been better.

"I just have to thank my bike and my team, that let me enjoy this sport so much. This third victory means a lot to me. The year could not have started better, three of three, but we will keep working. We will fight again next week ".

Takahisa Fujinami says: "It was a difficult race, but I am happy. In the semifinal I had a bad start, taking five points in the parallel race that was a big penalty in a high-level trial. to finish sixth is not a great result, but after my crash of two weeks ago, that prevented me from training until three days ago, the feeling was not bad.

"In the qualifying my neck hurt, but for me it was important to qualify for the semifinals and be able to compete in front of this public. It was a fantastic end to receive the affection of the people of Barcelona and I tried to repay them with a good show. I am certain that we will keep improving in the next three races".

Barcelona X-Trial Results

  1. Toni Bou – 4 points
  2. Albert Cabestany – 22 points
  3. Adam Raga – 25 points
  4. Jeroni Fajardo – 35 points
  5. Jack Challoner – 19 points
  6. Takahisa Fujinami – 22 points

2011 World Championship Standings

  1. Toni Bou – 60 points
  2. Albert Cabestany – 42 points
  3. Adam Raga – 39 points
  4. Jeroni Fajardo – 24 points
  5. Takahisa Fujinami – 20 points


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