News Honda Motorcycles: 2010 Global Sales Up

Honda Motorcycles: 2010 Global Sales Up

2010 Motorcycle Sales

Honda released its overall 2010 sales numbers this week, showing a 16.2 percent increase in global sales, but an 8.6 percent drop in North American sales.

Globally, Honda sold 17.9 million motorcycles in 2010, compared to 15 million in 2009. In North America, 192,000 bikes were sold in 2010, compared to 210,000 in 2009.

Besides North America, sales have also descended in Europe and China. In Europe, sales were down 1.2 percent (258,000 motorcycles sold 2010; 261,000 sold 2009). In China, sales were done 1.6 percent (1.2 million motorcycles sold 2010; 1.3 million sold 2009).

But there’s a different trend in Asia and Oceania, where smaller displacement motorcycles are mostly sold. Honda broke records there; sales were up 18.7 percent, with 14.3 million motorcycles sold in 2010 compared to 11.7 million sold in 2009.

Following is a breakdown of global sales/production numbers from Honda.

Honda Motorcycle Sales: Year-to-Year Changes  

2009 2010




% Change
Global Sales 15,047,000 17,952,000* 16.2%
Domestic 181,000 196,000 7.7%
Overseas 14,865,000 17,755,000* 16.3%
North America 210,000 192,000 -8.6%
South America 1,387,000 1,640,000 15.5%
Europe, the Middle & Near East and Africa 261,000 258,000 -1.2%
Asia and Oceania 11,702,000* 14,378,000* 18.7%
China 1,303,000 1,285,000 -1.6%
Global Production 14,847,000 18,111,000* 18.1%
Domestic 189,000 190,000 0.6%
Overseas 14,657,000 17,921,000* 18.3%

· Motorcycles: including ATVs
*New record
· North America: including Mexico
· Domestic production: Completely built unit (CBU) + complete knock-down (CKD)
· Overseas production: CBU at local plants (excluding CKD) 

Ron Lieback
Ron Lieback
One of the few moto journalists based on the East Coast, Ron Lieback joined the motorcycle industry as a freelancer in 2007, and is currently Online Editor at Ultimate Motorcycling.

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