IMBBA: Canada Bike Builders to World Cup

Custom Motorcycles

International Master Bike Builders Association (IMBBA) announced that Canada’s top six custom motorcycle builders ready for the World Cup Competition.

The IMBBA is sending a global message out to challenge the bike building world to compete in Canada on April, 21-22, 2012 at the Tattoo and Custom Bike show in Laval, Canada.

"For the first time in motorcycle history, countries will have direct input in who represents their flag as the best of custom motorcycle builders". Says Jeff Starke of the IMBBA.

This event being staged well in advance giving builders ample time to create to the best of their ability will decide what country will hold the first "true" world title.

IMBBA is a global association of custom bike builders and tradesman, who have the only trained and certified staff of bike show judges in the world.

This unique staff of trained professionals will provide the environment of consistent and level competition to fairly provide the builders worldwide recognition through their professional points system.

Prizes in totaling in excess of $30,000 (USD) will be awarded along with the Title "World Cup Champion". This will mean that in 2014, whatever country wins will be the host for the next World Cup Event.

Canada, Italy, France, Germany, USA and UAE, have an already begun building their bikes as we release this information. Each country can have up to 6 builders representing their flag in the competition.

"Canada’s motorcycle community and truly the worldwide motorcycle community will merge in Laval, Canada to show and view bikes that have never been seen before in public which is very is exciting" said IMBBA’s Canadian Representative and Master Bike Builder / Hall of Fame celebrity, Bob McKay.

The Master Bike Builders from around the world are stepping up and encouraging up-and-coming builders to step in the inner circle of this world class competition to represent their country. Builders do not have to be members of IMBBA to compete, but must be chosen by and IMBBA representative to compete.

IMBBA has been in existence and celebrates its six year of organizing globally the trade of motorcycle repairs, fabrication and design, while recognizing the individuals for their accomplishments. The World Cup Competition is taking place specifically for that reason.

For further information, contact: (IMBBA) President Jeffrey Starke Phone 262-501-4500; Fax 904-551-6893