MotoGP: Ducati Wraps Sepang Setup Test

2011 MotoGP Prep

The third and final day of Ducati MotoGP setup testing wrapped up in Jerez on Wednesday, the sessions speeding up the setup work on the GP11 Desmos of Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden.

Over the three days, Ducati-test rider Vittoriano Guareschi and team manager Franco Battaini had enough time with the MotoGP bikes to complete the pre-setup planned by Filippo Preziosi, Technical Director of Ducati Corse.

While prepping the MotoGP bikes for Rossi and Hayden on Wednesday, Guareschi completed 61 laps at the Jerez Circuit, and Battaini completed 90.

Filippo Preziosi (TD, Ducati Corse) says: "We were lucky because the weather conditions enabled us to test for all three days of the session. We identified two setup configurations that Vittoriano determined to be suitable in terms of front-end feel and turn-in.

"With Franco, we found some interesting solutions for both anti-wheelie control and traction control. We’re all satisfied with the work carried out, even though we’re aware that we’re dealing with technical solutions that were tried on a different track and in different conditions compared to those of Sepang.

"Only when Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden have had their turn to try and evaluate those solutions will we be able to have a more certain confirmation and to understand if we’ve taken a step forward-and if so, how big of a step."

The three-day Ducati MotoGP development test began Monday in Spain. Two teams, under the guidance of Ducati Technical Director Filippo Preziosi, supported official test rider Battaini and Guareschi, who temporarily replaced his duties as team manager with those of a rider.

The MotoGP test is being carried out to speed up the setup work of the Desmosedici GP11. Rossi and Hayden will take to the track themselves at the Sepang test in the first week of next month (Feb. 1-3).


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