2011 Superbike-Coach Schedule

Superbike School

Can Akkaya, the coach at Superbike-Coach, is a professional motorcycle riding specialist with 29 years of experience including a European championship as well as a test rider for Race Bike Engineering.

Regardless if you own a sportbike, a cruiser or a tourer, increasing your skills can make you a better street bike rider as well as a safer one.

With Superbike-Coach you get one-on-one instruction and this is an opportunity to take your skills to the next level in order to become a more competent motorcycle rider.

2011 Superbike-Coach Schedule

4/12/2011 – Buttonwillow Raceway, Buttonwillow, CA

4/19/2011 – Stockton Motorplex, Stockton, CA

4/25/2011 – Stockton Motorplex, Stockton, CA

4/26/2011 – Infineon Raceway, Sonoma CA

5/17/2011 – Infineon Raceway, Sonoma CA

5/30/2011 – Buttonwillow Raceway, Buttonwillow, CA

6/21/2011 – Stockton Motorplex, Stockton, CA

7/5/2011 – Stockton Motorplex, Stockton, CA

7/25/2011 – Buttonwillow Raceway, Buttonwillow, CA

8/16/2011 – Buttonwillow Raceway, Buttonwillow, CA

For additional info, call (916) 712-1817, Fax n/a, info@superbike-coach.com, www.superbike-coach.com