V7 Racer Action | Wallpaper

Moto Guzzi Wallpaper

The new 2011 V7 Racer is produced as a limited edition motorcycle, as demonstrated by the commemorative plaque on the steering yoke.

The V7 Racer celebrates the classic styling cues of the Moto Guzzi brand in a perfectly balanced blend of craftsmanship and technology evident in every aspect of this stunning motorcycle.

The first thing to catch your eye is the chromed tank, created using innovative metal particle deposition technology, embellished with an elegant leather strap.

This is a clear reference to legendary motorcycles of the past, as are the metal accents of the Moto Guzzi badge, which is color-coded with the frame.

The red frame, itself inspired by the legendary first 150 examples of the V7 Sport with CrMo frames, has been given a special treatment, as have the hubs and swingarm, which accentuates the gloss finish and emphasizes the aesthetic purity of the double cradle structure.

Perched on top of the frame's tubes is an ultra sporty single-seater saddle (a two-seater saddle and pillion footpegs are available as optional accessories), upholstered in suede and terminating in an aerodynamic tail fairing that also incorporates lateral race number panels giving the V7 Racer a true Seventies style.

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