Prince Williams Plans Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycle Touring

The biggest news in English Royalty is the upcoming wedding of Prince William to his fiance, Kate Middleton. And according to Swinton Bike Insurance in the UK, shortly after the prince ties the knot, he’s planning a motorcycle trip around India.

This won’t be the first time Prince Williams traveled extensively aboard a motorcycle; in 2008, he and Prince Harry piloted Honda Enduro motorcycles around Africa. The trip, which consisted of 1500 kilometers, was also a charity to raise money for orphans and Aids victims.

Swinton says Prince Williams’ upcoming trip to India is the sort of trip that many motorcyclists want to partake in.

An online survey undertaken by the bike insurance retailer of 1200 customers, found that 84% of motorcyclists want to undertake similar style trips, with 36% of motorcyclists actually having been on long distance charity bike rides themselves.

In a report, Anthony Aronin, head of Swinton Motorbike Insurance says: "It’s important that anyone planning a long distance bike journey, not only takes the required safety and comfort precautions but also has the necessary insurance policy that covers them if they ride abroad, always check with your policy holder if you’re indeed covered."

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