Dakar Rally Expands Media Coverage

2011 Dakar Rally

Racing through stunning scenery and broadcasted by TV channels in 190 countries, the 2011 Dakar Argentina Chile Rally is opens-up the season of major international motorcycle racing events.

230 cameramen, journalists, directors and technicians will be in the field for the daily 7 hours of media coverage of the Dakar Rally raid – including two hours of live broadcast for 70 channels spread across the five continents.

190 nations will be following the performance of the Dakar contenders, who represent – alone – a total of 51 different nationalities; they will also experience the fierce competition between the best rally raid drivers in the world in the bike, car, truck and quad categories.

The media will also be keeping up with the feats of amateur drivers and rally raid fans enrolled in the race to face their own challenges and participate in this great human adventure.

Thanks to three video imaging choppers, to the cameras installed on board of the vehicles in the race and to the shooting teams following the whole race, nothing will be missed of the prowess and hardship of the contenders enrolled in a raid taking place in superb landscapes.

From the plains of Argentina to the Chilean Atacama desert, through the Andes, the 2011 Dakar is an invitation to a journey of emotions and discovery in images.

You can follow the all the 2011 Dakar motorcycle racing coverage here at Ultimate MotorCycling.


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