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KBC America Inc. has announced that they will be partnering with D2M to sell and supply their motorcycle products directly to dealers.

Taking into consideration today’s economic challenges, KBC believes this is a tremendous opportunity to finally provide their dealer network with a direct channel to its motorcycle product line.

By cutting out the distributor and offering motorcycle products directly to dealers, the company known for its motorcycle helmets is able to provide order flexibility and expedited procedures for a very efficient supply chain.

Motorcycle product selection will also be improved by allowing dealers access to the full line of KBC products.

Tim Pritchard (D2M Co-Founder) says: "A few years ago KBC was one of the top selling helmet brands in U.S. and today is still one of the top selling helmets worldwide. What a lot of people do not know is that KBC is also the manufacturer for some of the top OE and aftermarket brands in the industry today and is one of the top manufacturers today. We’re very excited to be working with them."

Starting in early 2011, KBC (in partnership with D2M) will have an easy-to-use B2B software system accessible to approved dealers so that all orders and inquiries will be processed in real time.

In addition, the company will have sales representatives throughout the continental U.S. so that dealers will always have access to a knowledgeable sales rep that is there in person to support each dealership, not only in buying products, but also with dealership staff training, merchandising, and participation in dealer’s events.

It will warehouse a full stock of inventory at several distribution centers across the U.S. to ensure expedited delivery of its products.

KBC is looking forward to working with its dealer network throughout the upcoming years. During the short absence from the U.S. market, KBC has completely revamped its product line, both in design and construction, and KBC is confident that dealers and consumers will love its new products.

KBC also has some very exciting new motorcycle products that will be available in the fall of 2011. With its significant increase in attention to detail, its quality will be second to none.

Please contact KBC or D2M for more information.

KBC: kbchelmets.com

D2M: direct2mfg.com


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