Harley-Davidson Custom Footpegs & Shift Peg

Harley Custom Parts

Drag Specialties has joined forces with Carl Brouhard Designs to deliver custom motorcycle footpegs and shift pegs that are worthy of carrying both their names.

Master-motorcycle builder Carl Brouhard has been in the spotlight recently, winning numerous awards for his unique custom builds and producing an incredible line of accessories that transform stock Harley-Davidson motorcycles into custom rides.

His accessories not only complement each other but prove that, when it comes to customization, it’s the details that count most.

Drag and CBD’s new billet aluminum Harley footpegs and shift pegs are available in two designs, each with two finishes from which to choose.

Try out the Straight Cut style with four smooth rubber inserts for increased traction or go for the Classic Cut with a textured rubber sleeve.

Both motorcycle peg designs are available with a lustrous chrome finish or an eye-catching black-anodized finish that’s been re-cut to allow natural aluminum accents to show through.

Check out these footpegs and shift pegs, along with the entire line of CBD accessories, in the 2011 FatBook. Take your bike from stock to custom with Drag Specialties and Carl Brouhard Designs.

Drag Specialties & Carl Brouhard Harley Motorcycle Footpegs:

Footpeg MSRP: $99.95 (pair)
Shift Peg MSRP: $39.95 (each)