Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor

Pressure Pro

Advantage Enterprises’ Pressure Pro is a remote tire pressure monitoring system that ensures our motorcycle tires are not neglected.

The system includes a small monitor and valve stem caps that constantly report motorcycle tire pressure readings to the monitor via an RF signal.

Installation is straightforward, with the trickiest aspect being the mounting of the readout.

The single numerical LED alternates between readouts from monitored tires (three-wheelers can also be accommodated), giving a snapshot on the health of these critical components.

As the LED digits are always blinking between front and rear motorcycle tire pressure, you may find them distracting.

In addition to pressure readings, the system gives an alert when pressure drops 12.5-percent from baseline and again at 25-percent.

Pressure Pro is an essential safety enhancement for motorcycle riders who rarely give more than a quick push on (or glance at) the tire to check pressure before heading out on the road.


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