Riders for Health: Christmas Help Needed

Motorcycle Charity

You can make a difference this Christmas by helping Riders for Health get health care on the road in Zimbabwe, Africa.

A donation of £25 ($39) could help a health worker aboard a motorcycle reach an isolated community that would otherwise have no direct access to treatment.

Malaria is a major killer of poor people across Africa. Hundreds of thousands of people in remote communities die every year simply because they cannot access simple barriers against the mosquitoes that carry the disease or the life-saving medicines to treat it.

This motorcycle-driven organization know these communities well. These are the areas that are hard to find, hard to reach, and even harder to live in.

In the Binga District of Zimbabwe, life expectancy is just 44 years. It’s probably no surprise that Binga has the highest incidence of malaria in the whole of Zimbabwe.

Yet malaria is a disease that is easily prevented. But medicines and health care professionals are ineffective without the means to get them to where they are needed.

Solomon Mwembe is a health officer based in Binga. He knows the difference that the motorcycle organization has made to the remote communities where he works.

Solomon Mwembe says: "The motorcycles have been instrumental for health coverage in the Binga District; without them I cannot imagine how we would have coped."

Without help from these motorcycle health care workers, Solomon and his colleagues would be forced to trek many miles between communities. For health workers without reliable transport, negotiating hostile terrain and long distances is slow. And against a disease like malaria, delays mean higher death rates.

What you’ve helped Riders for Health achieve in Zimbabwe has saved lives and transformed others. Riders are proud of their teamwork – and this can be traced all the way back from their motorcycle technicians, to you.

Please support Riders for Health’s work this Christmas and help them to mobilize more health workers like Solomon so they can transform lives across Africa.

Click here to make a difference today.


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