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The scooter in its most original form, once again takes its place of timeless legend as the 2011 Vespa PX 125/150 (European Model). Forming the link between the history of the world's most famous scooter and its future, the Vespa PX is back with a choice of its most classic engine sizes.

The legacy style and engine, which pays respects the latest emissions standards and the classic four-gear transmission, make the Vespa PX unmistakable and unique.

The seventeen million examples of the Vespa sold across the globe since 1946 have brought together people of different languages and cultures and freedom for generations of young people.

The Vespa brought personal mobility to Europe in the post-war Europe. It later saw younger generations take different sides with their Vespas and Lambrettas, or as Mods and Rockers.

This year is the thirty-third anniversary of the launch of the Vespa PX, a milestone that very few motorcycles - let alone a scooter - can claim to have achieved.

Making this achievement all the more extraordinary is the sheer popularity of this classic: with over 3,000,000 examples sold in every continent.

Many of the examples built and sold are still running in countries all over the world - a testimony not only to the proverbial robustness and reliability of the scooter, but also to the deep affection that binds every Vespa and its owner.

In the current Vespa range, the PX is the only model which offers the four-gear transmission on the handlebar: a true "must" for enthusiasts, together with an unmistakable design which goes beyond all fashion.

The 2011 Vespa PX maintains all of the classic strong points which determined its success for more than three decades: unmistakable style, functionality and user-friendliness, the legendary sturdiness of a steel bodyshell, the reliability of a simple and indestructible engine and the possibility of fitting a spare wheel.

The retro style of the of the Vespa PX instrument panel is instantly recognizable, with its clear instrumentation. The speedometer, with dual Km/h and mph scales, and the fuel gauge are lit with a neutral colored light that is in perfect harmony with the purity of the design. The array of indicator and warning lights includes indicators for the lights, full beam, turn signals and fuel reserve.

The new saddle for the Vespa PX has an all-new design and upholstery. Ideal for two-up riding, the saddle accommodates riders of all statures, offering comfort and vehicle control.

The headlight, with a complex surface reflector and halogen bulb, creates a powerful beam for ideal visibility and constitutes a vital contribution in terms of active safety.

The taillight has always been a signature feature of each and every Vespa model. From the small, round taillight of the legendary 1946 98cc to the headlight in two distinct elements and chrome parts which embellished the 1962 125cc, to the Primavera ET3's boxy design which was so typically "70's".

The Vespa PX rediscovers soft lines for the taillight which combine with a classic and elegant chrome edge. The component, with a red lens, also includes the brake light and license plate light.

The turn indicators on the Vespa PX feature an orange bulb behind a clear plastic outer lens. A combination which recalls the elegance of the numerous chrome details, enhancing the purity of the Vespa lines.

The new hand grips in black rubber are branded with the Vespa logo and complemented by the chrome taillight.The classic Vespa logo also enhances the new central tunnel cover, now refined by a glazed edge.

The new grille cites the style of some of the greatest classics in Vespa history.

The Vespa has always been distinguished by a unibody construction - an exclusive feature that has always set the Vespa apart from any other scooter.

The PX remains true to this construction solution which, in addition to giving the scooter a classic flavor, also ensures superior stiffness and precision.

The link arm front suspension - a technical solution that is an intrinsic part of the Vespa - works in conjunction with a coil spring and a dual action hydraulic shock absorber.

At the rear, the suspension components are linked to the engine-transmission case, which also does duty as the swingarm. The 10" wheels are shod with 3.50" tires.

The 200 mm stainless steel front disc brake is complemented by a powerful and reliable 150 mm drum brake at the rear.

The 125 and 150 cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engines with forced air cooling feature CDI electronic ignition and both electric and kick starters.

After all, how can anyone think of the most classic of the Vespa models without the fantastic kick start pedal crank and four-speed manual gearbox?

2011 Vespa PX 125/150 | Technical Specifications
Engine     2-stroke single cylinder
Engine capacity     PX 125: 123 cc or PX 150: 150 cc
Bore     PX 125: 52.5 mm or PX 150: 57.8 mm
Stroke     57 mm
Fuel     Unleaded petrol, min 95 RON
Induction     Rotary valve induction in crankcase
Ignition     CDI electronic ignition
Starter     Electrical and kick starter
Lubrication     Automatic mixer
Cooling system     Forced air
Gearbox     Four speed manual
Load bearing structure     Steel body
Front suspension    Link arm with coil spring and dual action hydraulic shock absorber
Rear suspension     Engine-transmission case serving as swingarm, dual action shock absorber
Front brake     200 mm stainless steel disc
Rear brake     150 mm drum
Front wheel rim     2.10 - 10”
Rear wheel rim     2.10 – 10”
Front tyre     3.50” - 10”
Rear tyre     3.50” - 10”
Length     1,810 mm
Width     740 mm
Wheelbase     1,260 mm
Seat height     810 mm
Dry weight     97 kg
Fuel tank capacity     8 liters
Emissions compliance     Euro 3


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