BMW Motorrad: Motorcycle Christmas Cards

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Motorcycle Christmas Cards

Christmas is just around the corner - a time to give special thought to relatives and friends.

For this reason, BMW Motorrad is offering all motorcycle fans the opportunity to send personal Christmas greetings via with the Christmas Concert E‑Card.

In the video on the website, motorcyclists use their BMW motorcycles and helmets as musical instruments to back an electrical guitarist playing the traditional American carol "We wish you a merry Christmas."

At the end of the carol, one of the riders opens his helmet visor, smiles and presents a sign with Christmas and New Year's greetings from BMW Motorrad.

The video of the Christmas Concert E-Card can be sent directly from the website, either as it is or in a personalized form.

For personalization purposes, a portrait photo can be uploaded and integrated in the face area of the motorcyclist. The sign can also be adapted to show personal greetings or wishes.

The BMW Motorrad Christmas Concert E-Card is available from


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