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During Peter Lenz's racing career, he was blessed to have the support of his family and the best safety and training equipment to be found.

In 2009, Peter donated several hundred dollars of his own money to "Ethan Gilliam's Chasin a Dream Program" to allow fellow youth racers to receive chest protectors for free.

Following Peter's example, the Forever 45 fund will protect youth riders on an annual basis in honor of Peter Lenz.

Peter consistently demonstrated the characteristics that made him a champion on and off the track: Intelligence, kindness, sportsmanship, humility and speed.

Two riders that demonstrated that combination have been selected to receive the inaugural scholarship of the Forever 45 fund: Oregon racer, Mackenzie Ancien (age 14), and West Virginian, Ian Tetrick (age 14).

It is the intention of the fund its supporters to help at least one rider annually. This year through the generous support of the racing community and Peter's sponsors, the Forever 45 fund is able to provide the following safety gear and training for these two young athletes:

- Corsair V helmet from Arai Helmets
- Leathers from Pilot
- Sidi Fusion boots from Motonation
- Innersuit from Performance Under Gear (PUG)
- Phantom gloves from Held USA
- Made to measure chest and back protector from Impact Safe-T Armor
- Two single day schools with the California Superbike School

Mackenzie Ancien says: "I would like to thank the Lenz Family and Peter's Forever 45 support program for this amazing opportunity. Just the idea that I am able to follow Peter's legacy is a great feeling. Peter and I had a close friendship, and the fact that I am able to represent him is awesome. I can't express to you how grateful I am."

Ian Tetrick says: "This scholarship means that I will be as safe as possible while racing next season, and knowing that it is being given to me in Peter's honor makes it even more special. Thanks to everybody who made this scholarship possible, and for believing that I am worthy of receiving it. I will do my best to prove myself worthy, and to honor Peter's memory throughout my racing career."

The Forever 45 program was started to honor Peter's memory and to help bring peace to his family. Lenz perished in a motorcycle accident at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Aug. 29 during the USGPRU.

Michael Lenz (Peter's father) says: "During an incredibly difficult time, we are extremely grateful for the support that the community has shown in Peter's memory and to our family. We knew Peter was special, but even we didn't realize the wide reach and positive impact he had on his friends and fans."

"He cared about his fellow racers and used to loan or give riders gear if he felt they needed it. This program honors those memories. We also encourage people to support the Roadracing World Action Fund, with a Peter dedication."

Forever 45 program details can be found on Peter's website at


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