Travertson V-Rex-2 | Preview

V-Rex-2 Custom

Everyone who has ever laid eyes on the Travertson V-Rex (solo seat) motorcycle knows what an eye-popping and revolutionary custom bike it is.

In the February/March 2008 issue of Ultimate MotorCycling, we test rode the incredible Travertson V-Rex custom motorcycle.

Associate Editor David Morris had this to say about it: "At 673 pounds, one imagines this long-wheelbase go-bot to be daunting, but Travert has worked magic with the chassis."

He continued: "With a low center of gravity, aided by a 2-into-1 cropped exhaust and load distributed to the extremities, the V-Rex feels light at rest."

Now, we have a first look at the successor, the V-Rex-2 (dual seat), which has a list of improvements including a new steel seat sub-frame, a new one-piece seat with a lower seat foam design for the driver, new under seat cover (chrome or painted), footrests for the passenger, a new license plate bracket, and new chrome or painted license plate older with LED tail/brake light.

"I wanted to show you our latest V-REX-2 Motorcycle," Christian Travert tells us. "It has acrylic wheels with neon/LED’s everywhere and responds to sound or music. This is our most unique V-REX."

Also, there are 26 options for the new twin-seat Travertson V-Rex-2:

  1. Digital Speedometer
  2. Metallic custom paint pearl – 2 Colors
  3. Ostrich leather seat
  4. Custom paint changing color over
  5. Paint rim with JAZ 12 + Logo on both sides on both wheels
  6. Custom clear Acrylic center wheel set
  7. iPhone / iPod Dock Station (used to recharge too)
  8. Chromed Gas tank strap
  9. Chromed wheel rim (set)
  10. Chromed Hub Caps (4)
  11. Chromed front & rear swing arms
  12. CD Player in the mask installed
  13. CD Player
  14. Engraved Logo On Chain Cover
  15. White LED around the mask face custom
  16. Xenon lights 2 large & 4 Krypton lights
  17. Swarovsky Crystal letters on strap Installed
  18. Red LED Turn signals
  19. Custom Gas Cap with engraved Logo
  20. Custom handgrip custom color (billet aluminum)
  21. Light around engine switching color
  22. Harley Davidson Alarm with key FOB
  23. Chrome custom logo on chain cover
  24. Mirrors with turn signals
  25. Miami Style Wheels
  26. Solo seat Ostrich (kit)

Of the original Travertson V-Rex, Travert said, "For me, above all, a motorcycle has to be easy to ride, without sacrificing performance, so I founded my own company."

One can expect the V-Rex-2 to be as accommodating to the rider and passenger as its predecessor.


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