Moose Racing Product: Flex Handguards

Motorcycle Parts

The new Flex Handguards from Moose Racing provide riders with valuable hand protection when charging down the trail.

The state-of-the-art guards also feature a spring-loaded hinge that enable the guards to pivot forward (along with your folding levers) in the event of a crash, thus reducing the chance of breakage.

The Flex Handguards are now available from your local Parts Unlimited dealer. To find a dealer near you or to check out other new products from Moose Racing, please visit

Flex Handguards Features

• Designed for durability and functionality
• T6061 aluminum bracket supporting an open ended polypropylene rail that will
give the support you need yet still flex back under an impact
• Spring loaded aluminum hinge enables the contour deflector to pivot forward along with your folding levers in the event of a fall, but will hold in place while
blocking debris from other machines
• The system will support the popular Moose Contour Deflector and will be
available in all of the Contour Deflector colors.
• Sold in pairs
• Replacement Mount (0635-0695) $34.95
• Made in the USA
• Retail Price: $49.95
• Part Numbers & Colors:
0635-0688 WHITE/BLACK
0635-0689 BLUE/WHITE
0635-0690 BLACK/BLACK
0635-0691 RED/BLACK
0635-0692 BLACK/ORANGE
0635-0693 YELLOW/BLUE

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