Yamaha EC-F | Scooter Wallpaper

Yamaha EC-f Wallpaper

Yamaha Smart Power is about looking to electricity and other alternative power sources to produce a vehicle, either a motorcycle or scooter, which combines environmentally-friendly performance with completely new kinds of bike riding pleasure.

It is a Yamaha concept that might, for example, take the design freedom allowed by the structural simplicity of an EV (Electric Vehicle), or the start-up acceleration potential.

The Yamaha EC-f and EC-fs are electric commuter scooters designed to provide easy, motorcycle-style riding for people of all age ranges and experience levels.

They combine futuristic styling with the ease of use, quietness and smoothness that only an electric scooter vehicle can provide.

The Yahama EC-f scooter features coloring which accentuates its clean, commuter-oriented design, while the EC-fs offers a stylish alternative color scheme.

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