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Historic Vespa Wallpaper

On 23 April 1946 Piaggio & C. S.p.A. filed a patent for "a motorcycle with a rational complex of organs and elements with body combined with the mudguards and bonnet covering all the mechanical parts".

Italians saw the Vespa scooter for the first time in the pages of Motor on March 24, 1946 and on the black and white cover of La Moto on April 15, 1946.

They saw the actual Vespa Scooter at that year's Milan motorcycle show, where even Cardinal Schuster stopped to take a look, intrigued by the futuristic vehicle.

Two scooter versions of the Vespa 98cc went on sale with two prices: 55,000 liras for the standard version and 61,000 liras for the luxury version with a few options including a speedometer, lateral stand and stylish white-trim tires.

From 1946 to 1965, the year Enrico Piaggio died, 3,350,000 Vespa scooters were manufactured in Italy alone: one Vespa for every fifty inhabitants.

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