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Electric Motorcycle Racing

Zero-emission motorcycle racing eams are gathering October 2 and 3 at Brands Hatch to race the final of the TTXGP EU and TTXGP UK championships.

This is the last race weekend before the Final at Albacete at the end of October.

Alessandro Brannetti is preparing for the race at Brands Hatch after the strong debut with the eCRP 1.2 in Assen, where he won the second round and secured second position in the first round with impressive speed.

The Italian team will be on the track for the TTXGP EU final, again racing the teams of the EU series.

The distinct whine of the electric motors and the sound of rushing wind from the two wheeled competitors creates the new music of the next generation of motorsport.

The technicians at CRP Racing have demonstrated that the eCRP 1.2 is 100% pure racing motorcycle. Piloted by the talented Alessandro Brannetti, it is proving to be a first rate two wheeled vehicle.