Chicken Hawk Racing: New Tire Insulators

Motorcycle Tire Warmers

Preheating track-day and race tires with tire warmers is easy, but keeping this precious warmth in on cold and windy days is a challenge. New from America’s premier tire-warmer designer and manufacturer, Chicken Hawk Racing’s aptly named Chicken Wrap wheel insulators work in tandem with tire warmers to help ensure complete heating in less-than-optimum conditions–and even take the chill out of brake components.

Chicken Wraps are easy-to-install, nylon-covered neoprene wheel wraps. They’re 2mm thick and quickly attach to tire warmers’ hook and loop closures. The front insulator utilizes heavy-duty zippers, which allow it to go over sportbike fenders.

Highly effective for track-day riders and club racers pitted outdoors, they’ve also been proven to combat the new AMA Pro Racing rule requiring bikes to sit on grids for long periods of time without the benefit of tire warmers.

Attaining hot tire pressure is more essential than ever. Electric warmers bring today’s high-tech tires up to temperature in any weather, but the effects of cold and windy conditions can be significant. Keeping the heat in, Chicken Wraps complete the Chicken Hawk Racing system of tire and wheel warming.

Chicken Hawk Racing products are used on AMA Superbike grids around the country by Larry Pegram Racing, Michael Jordan Motorsports Suzuki, National Guard Jordan Suzuki, Pat Clark Motorsports Yamaha, Rockstar Makita Suzuki and Team M4 Monster Energy Suzuki.

Chicken Hawk Racing’s tire warmers are easy to mount, simple to remove and efficiently bring today’s high-tech rubber up to optimum temperature and hot pressure for immediate traction.

In addition to the obvious benefit of allowing serious throttle twisting from the drop of the green flag, preheating tires before hitting the track limits extreme heat cycles, which greatly extend their life.


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