Moto2: Tomizawa on Brno Pole

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Shoya Tomizawa (Technomag-CIP, Suter) was back to his brilliant best in Moto2 qualifying, scoring his second pole position of the year, three and a half months after he took his first pole at Jerez.

Winner of the very first Moto2 race at Losail, Qatar, in April, Tomizawa has had an up and down time of it recently, scoring no better than fifth at the last six races.

But his performance today suggests a turnaround from the talented Japanese rider who was more than two tenths quicker than Andrea Iannone (Fimmco Speed Up, Speed Up). The other men who made it onto the front row were World Championship leader Toni Elias (Gresini Racing Moto2, Moriwaki) and Roberto Rolfo (Italtrans S.T.R, Suter).

All four riders know that the first moments of the race will be crucial – Moto2 starts are hectic to say the very least – and it’s a fine line between being aggressive enough and too aggressive to complete the first lap close to the front. At least Brno is much wider than most MotoGP tracks, which will give riders a bit more room to manoeuvre than usual.

Elias and Iannone – currently third on points – are so far the two most successful riders in the Honda-powered series, with three wins and two wins respectively from the first eight races. Elias made the front row today despite being disqualified from riding in yesterday’s first practice session. The ban was punishment for undertaking a test session at Misano during the midseason break. Elias’ team presumed they were allowed to test at their nominated test venue, but in fact no testing is allowed during the break.

So far Iannone has been the only rider able to make a clear breakaway from the Moto2 pack in the first laps, and no doubt the Italian will be aiming to repeat that trick here, which will allow him to run his own race, without having to ride defensively to protect his position from rivals. A last-minute set-up tweak made by his crew during qualifying may help Iannone achieve that goal.

Veteran Roberto Rolfo (Italtrans S.T.R, Suter) is on a roll, scoring his first Moto2 front-row start just a few weeks after his first Moto2 podium at the recent German GP, where he finished third behind Iannone and winner Elias.

Shoya Tomizawa says: “I’m very happy to get pole, especially because I have been very, very unlucky at the last few races – sometimes I struggle, sometimes I get hit by other riders. Things seem better after the holidays, so I hope I can get a good result this time.”

“We are getting closer to the Japanese GP in October, so we have to keep working on the machine to make it as good as possible for those last few races. Maybe I was a bit lucky today. There are so many riders in Moto2 that it is often impossible to find a clear track to ride a good lap, but today I found some room.”

Andrea Iannone says: “Today has been a tough day, because we have worked so hard on finding the best setting. I think we found something at the end of qualifying, but we weren’t able to make the most of it because we didn’t have time to fit a new rear tyre. I am looking forward to the race and I am aiming to enjoy it. My thanks to the team for all their hard work.”

Toni Elias says: “I think I could have made pole position, but I made a mistake shifting gear on my last lap and that cost me vital time. Anyway, I am happy because the bike set-up is more or less okay; we have done everything we can for tomorrow. I hope to make a good start, avoid any problems with other riders during the early laps, and then we will see what happens.”

Roberto Rolfo says: “This is my first front row in Moto2, so of course I am very happy. We made some important changes to our set-up before the race in Germany and now the machine feels very good; I feel really comfortable, which is so important to going fast. It’s very important to be at the front for the start in Moto2 and I expect a big fight in the race.”

Qualifying position

1Shoya Tomizawa2m03.452sJPNHONDATechnomag-CIP
2Andrea Iannone+0.232sITAHONDAFimmco Speed Up
3Toni Elias+0.289sSPAHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
4Roberto Rolfo+0.342sITAHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
5Yuki Takahashi+0.693sJAPHONDATech 3 Racing
6Dominique Aegerter+0.799sSWIHONDATechnomag-CIP
7Simone Corsi+0.931sITAHONDAJiR Moto2
8Arne Tode+1.032sGERHONDARacing Team Germany
9Julian Simon+1.067sSPAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
10Scott Redding+1.076sGBRHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
11Jules Cluzel+1.145sFRAHONDAForward Racing
12Fonsi Nieto+1.150sSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
13Thomas Luthi+1.153sSWIHONDAInterwetten Moriwaki Moto2
14Alex Baldolini+1.283sITAHONDACaretta Technology Race Dept
15Alex Debon+1.323sSPAHONDAAeroport de Castello – Ajo
16Gabor Talmacsi+1.447sHUNHONDAFimmco Speed Up
17Raffaele De Rosa+1.477sITAHONDATech 3 Racing
18Mike De Meglio+1.524sFRAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
19Hector Faubel+1.537sSPAHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
20Stefan Bradl+1.577sGERHONDAViessman Kiefer Racing
21Axel Pons+1.816sSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
22Sergio Gadea+1.935sSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
23Claudio Corti+1.950sITAHONDAForward Racing
24Ratthapark Wilairot+1.974sTHAHONDAThai – Honda PTT Singha SAG Team
25Lukas Pesek+2.034sCZEHONDAMatteoni C.P. Racing
26Vladimir Ivanov+2.065sRUSHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
27Patrik Vostarek+2.106sCZEHONDAVector Kiefer Racing
28Valentin Debise+2.198sFRAHONDAWTR San Marino Team
29Yusuke Teshima+2.206sJPNHONDAJiR Moto2
30Niccolo Canepa+2.308sITAHONDARSM Team Scot
31Kenny Noyes+2.350sUSAHONDAJack & Jones by A.Banderas
32Anthony West+2.353sAUSHONDAMZ Racing
33Yonny Hernandez+2.419sCOLHONDABlusens-STX
34Karel Abraham+2.425sCZEHONDACardion AB Motoracing
35Xavier Simeon+2.454sBELHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
36Ricard Cardus+2.595sSPAHONDAMaquinza-SAG Team
37Mashel Al Naimi+2.678sQATHONDABlusens-STX
38Robertino Pietri+3.006sVENHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
39Joan Olive+3.255sSPAHONDAJack & Jones by A.Banderas

Championship standings

1Toni Elias136 ptsSPAHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
2Thomas Luthi94 ptsSWIHONDAInterwetten Moriwaki Moto2
3Andrea Iannone90 ptsITAHONDAFimmco Speed Up
4Julian Simon77 ptsSPAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
5Shoya Tomizawa76 ptsJPNHONDATechnomag-CIP
6Simone Corsi65 ptsITAHONDAJiR Moto2
7Jules Cluzel61 ptsFRAHONDAForward Racing
8Yuki Takahashi52 ptsJAPHONDATech 3 Racing
9Gabor Talmacsi52 ptsHUNHONDAFimmco Speed Up
10Sergio Gadea47 ptsSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
11Fonsi Nieto38 ptsSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
12Roberto Rolfo37 ptsITAHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
13Alex Debon37 ptsSPAHONDAAeroport de Castello – Ajo
14Karel Abraham33 ptsCZEHONDACardion AB Motoracing
15Ratthapark Wilairot25 ptsTHAHONDAThai – Honda PTT Singha SAG Team
16Scott Redding23 ptsGBRHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
17Dominique Aegerter23 ptsSWIHONDATechnomag-CIP
18Yonny Hernandez21 ptsCOLHONDABlusens-STX
19Stefan Bradl18 ptsGERHONDAViessman Kiefer Racing
20Kenny Noyes18 ptsUSAHONDAJack & Jones by A.Banderas
21Mike De Meglio17 ptsFRAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
22Alex Baldolini14 ptsITAHONDACaretta Technology Race Dept
23Mattia Pasini12 ptsITAHONDAJiR Moto2
24Anthony West11 ptsAUSHONDAMZ Racing
25Alex De Angelis11 ptsSMRHONDARSM Team Scot
26Xavier Simeon9 ptsBELHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
27Damian Cudlin9 ptsAUSHONDATenerife 40 Pons
28Lukas Pesek4 ptsCZEHONDAMatteoni C.P. Racing
29Hector Faubel4 ptsSPAHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
30Vladimir Ivanov2 ptsRUSHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
31Arne Tode2 ptsGERHONDARacing Team Germany
32Yusuke Teshima1 ptsJPNHONDAJiR Moto2
33Claudio Corti1 ptsITAHONDAForward Racing
34Yannick Guerra0 ptsSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
35Vladimir Leonov0 ptsRUSHONDAVector Kiefer Racing
36Valentin Debise0 ptsFRAHONDAWTR San Marino Team
37Sascha Hommel0 ptsGERHONDAMGM Racing Performance MC
38Robertino Pietri0 ptsVENHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
39Ricard Cardus0 ptsSPAHONDAMaquinza-SAG Team
40Raffaele De Rosa0 ptsITAHONDATech 3 Racing
41Niccolo Canepa0 ptsITAHONDARSM Team Scot
42Mashel Al Naimi0 ptsQATHONDABlusens-STX
43Kev Coghlan0 ptsSCOHONDAMonlan Joey Darcey Team
44Joan Olive0 ptsSPAHONDAJack & Jones by A.Banderas
45Ivan Moreno0 ptsSPAHONDAAndalucia Cajasol
46Carmelo Morales0 ptsSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
47Bernat Martinez0 ptsSPAHONDAMaquinza-SAG Team
48Axel Pons0 ptsSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
49Anthony Delhalle0 ptsFRAHONDAQatar Endurance Racing Team
50Amadeo Llados0 ptsSPAHONDALlados Racing Team