MotoGP: Safety at 200 mph

Motorcycle Safety Apparel

When it comes to motorcycles, especially those out on the track reaching speeds of 200 mph, protective gear is the only thing between a rider and the road.

Unlike cars, which have seatbelts, airbags, sides all around, a motorcycle has none of these safety elements. Due to this fact, the safety of motorcyclists, especially racers, depends on the natural skill of the rider, a good working bike and all the advanced motorcycle apparel he or she wears.

Repsol Honda riders say it is for that reason that the Motorcycle World Championship riders take special care of all their clothing to the smallest detail to prevent injuries in case of a fall.

A helmet, gloves, boots, race leathers, back protection, elbow pads, knee pads – all of these are highly developed elements, made with the latest technology. They are also fitted to each rider so that in case of a fall, he or she is protected from high speed impacts.

Repsol says the weight, the materials continue to become more resistant and lighter, the flexibility, comfort, breathability and other details, some of which may seem insignificant to us, became of vital importance when designing a protective element, whether it is gloves, boots, race leathers, helmet or other components.

For an explanation of what each piece of gear does, click* the final image above and read what helps keep Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa safe at 200 mph, and sometimes faster.

*To further enlarge, once opened click the white X on the lower right side of the image


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