Honda Goldwing GL1800: Lowering Bracket

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Lower Wing Product’s Suspension Lowering Bracket (patent pending) is the ideal product for those looking to lower their GL 1800 Honda Goldwing

“Short people want to ride a Wing too!” stated Tom Smith, President and Owner of Lower Wing Products, LLC. Smith, an ex-road racer and journeyman machinist desired to ride his GL 1800 Honda Goldwing with more confidence.

Smith is vertically challenged at 5′ 6″, and did not want to be at a stop light, moving back and forth, unbalanced.

Tom Smith says: “I was tired of ‘tippy-toes’ and wanted a better ride with increased handling, so I decided that lowering the bike was the only answer.”

With the motivation to have a smooth and safer ride, Smith designed a GL 1800 Honda Suspension Lowering Bracket, which he originally made only to use for himself.

Tom Smith says: “Once others saw how much difference even one inch makes along with handling capabilities, the bracket started selling itself.”

The suspension lowering bracket lowers the bike 1″ or 1 1/4″ under stock height. It is made from 6061 Billet aluminum and is tested and proven even stronger than the original Honda bracket. Also, center stands are available, which are redesigned to give almost ½” more ground clearance than stock center stands.

Installation is easy with instructions available at and/or with assistance from a mechanic.

After traveling the country to various bike shows with the Lower Wing Product’s Suspension Lowering Bracket, Smith encountered an overwhelming response to his product.

Customer Testimony:

“All I can say is your bracket is the greatest confidence builder I have ever experienced during my years of riding tip-toed on Honda Goldwings.”

“I had my lowering bracket put on today and the minute I got on my cycle I knew it was lower. I feel much safer knowing I can reach the ground better. I will sing the praises to all I know. Thanks so much for providing the lowering bracket.”

Lower Wing Product’s mission is to introduce accessibility to a broader range of Goldwing enthusiasts, who were previously unable to enjoy what we believe to be the greatest touring bike ever made safely and comfortably, the GL 1800 Honda Goldwing. All Lower Wing Product’s are made in the USA.

Please visit for more information about our suspension lowering bracket and other products.


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