Silverstone World Supersport: Honda Report

World Supersport

Laverty fends off Sofuoglu in thrilling Silverstone race Pole winner Eugene Laverty (Parkalgar Honda) led in impressive form in what was a delayed 16-lap Supersport World Championship race.

He would eventually repel the attack put in by championship leader Kenan Sofuoglu (Hannspree Ten Kate Honda) and in the overall points standings Sofuoglu now has 203, Laverty 186.

This was Laverty’s sixth win of the season and it came in composed style as he led in the early laps, closely followed for a time by Gino Rea (Intermoto Czech Honda), who eventually finished third – his first podium at this level of racing.

Sofuoglu passed first Rea and then, after some Honda infighting between Kenan and Eugene, Sofuoglu took a lead that lasted until the middle of the final lap. Laverty made a clean pass and held off his championship rival by only 0.220 seconds.

Joan Lascorz (Kawasaki) and Roberto Tamburini (Yamaha) were injured in a first corner crash when the race was first started, and the severity of the crash was such that the race was stopped and restarted over its full length. Medical reports indicated that each rider suffered a broken left collarbone, while Lascorz also sustained two fractured vertebrae and three broken ribs.

For Gino Rea a home race was the perfect place to take a well-deserved third place. He had qualified sixth on the grid, and stuck to the more experienced Laverty until the sheer pace of the leading two riders pushed him back. He is now fifth overall, one place ahead of sixth.

Parkalgar Honda rider Miguel Praia scored yet another career best in a WSS race, finishing sixth today after a disappointing qualifying result of 12th on Saturday. The Portuguese rider was also as close as he has ever been to a podium finish, as part of a fighting group that was chasing Rea.

Massimo Roccoli from the Intermoto Czech Honda team was ninth in the race, eighth in qualifying, as he pushed hard at a circuit he enjoyed riding at.

Ronan Quarmby replaced the injured Michele Pirro in the Hannspree Ten Kate Honda team, but had a difficult race after falling and hurting his left leg in practice. He qualified 18th and finished in the same position.

The next round is to be held at the Nürburgring, Germany, between September 3 and September 5.

Kenan Sofuoglu says: “A good race because all weekend we had a difficult time until Sunday morning, when we improved things a lot. We got a lot of points but I want to win. I have to wait until the Nürburgring again now. At the moment the bikes are very similar and I think that Eugene was a bit faster than me.”

Eugene Laverty says: “I thought I had got away early in the race because Gino was pushing me so hard, and we were doing 2.09 lap times, which were like my pole time. I knew the pace was quick and that he was a few seconds over those behind us, so I did not expect Kenan to come through as quick as he did in the end. When he caught me I dropped back behind, because I knew from practice that he was strong towards the end of the lap. I wanted to get a look at him, an there were a few areas where he was weak and I made my move at the first of those.”

Gino Rea says: “I can’t believe I am standing on the podium; it is where I have wanted to be for so long. It was an exciting race and I was behind Eugene for quite a lot of it and I didn’t think I would be able to hang onto him. I tried my hardest but as my tyres started going off I started dropping back a bit.”

Miguel Praia says: “My best finish in World Supersport so as I am getting older I am getting better, like good port wine! I got pushed wide early on and that was a problem, as I lost two places. I pushed hard to try and catch Robbin Harms but I left my pass on Lagrive too long – maybe two laps too long – and missed my chance. But it was great being only three seconds or so from a podium so it was a good step.”

Ronan Quarmby says: “It wasn’t my luckiest weekend. Basically they found out his morning that I had cracked my ankle yesterday, and there was a bit of swelling. I had an injection and I could not feel the pain but after the red flag my foot was in my boot for a long time, so it started getting painful even after two or three laps. But it was a good experience doing my first World Supersport race.”

Massimo Roccoli says: “I started well but we could not keep the early pace, so we went from sixth on lap one to ninth. We got some points and it was good for the team for Gino to take third place.”

Pole position : 2m09.426s (164.465Km/h) Eugene Laverty, Honda

Fastest lap : Lap 9 – 2m08.717s (165.069Km/h) Kenan Sofuoglu, Honda

Circuit record lap : 2m08.717s (165.069Km/h) Kenan Sofuoglu, Honda, 2010

Circuit Best Lap : 2m08.717s (165.069Km/h) Kenan Sofuoglu, Honda, 2010

World Supersport Silverstone Results:

1.Eugene Laverty34m35.068sIRHONDAParkalgar Honda
2.Kenan Sofuoglu+0.220sTURHONDAHannspree Ten Kate Honda
3.Gino Rea+12.451sGBHONDAIntermoto Czech
4.Chaz Davies+13.683sGBRTRIUMPHParkinGO Triumph BE1
5.Robbin Harms+13.839sDENHONDAHarms Benjan Racing
6.Miguel Praia+15.699sPRTHONDAParkalgar Honda
7.Matthieu Lagrive+16.709sITATRIUMPHParkinGO Triumph BE1
8.David Salom+17.593sSPATRIUMPHParkinGO BE1 Triumph
9.Massimo Roccoli+22.837sITAHONDAIntermoto Czech
10.Sam Lowes+23.092sGBRHONDAGNS Racing
11.James Westmoreland+31.189sGBRYAMAHACame Yamaha
12.Fabien Foret+32.562sFRAKAWASAKITeam Lorenzini By leoni
13.Billy McConnell+37.623sAUSYAMAHACame Yamaha
14.V. Iannuzzo+40.614sITATRIUMPHParkinGO Triumph BE1
15.Katsuaki Fujiwara+40.762sJPNKAWASAKIKawasaki
16.Bastien Chesaux+54.686sSWIHONDAHarms Benjan Racing
17.Christian Iddon+55.198sGBRHONDAParkalgar Honda
18.Ronan Quarmby+58.957sRSAHONDAHannspree Ten Kate Honda
19.Danilo Dell Omo+1m11.342sITAHONDAKuja Racing
20.Ian Lowry+1m11.723sGBRYAMAHAIFS Lowe Racedays
21.M. Hunt+1m38.475sGBRYAMAHARace Lab Yamaha
22.Mark Aitchinson+1m41.788sAUSHONDAKuja Racing
23.Imre Toth+1 LapHUNHONDATeam Toth
24.Jenny TinmouthNC – 7 Racing
25.Alexander Thomas LowesNCGBRYAMAHASeton Interceptor
26.R. TamburiniNCITAYAMAHABike Service R.T.
27.Joan LascorzNCESPKAWASAKIKawasaki