RSD Project: 200 MPH Victory Motorcycle

Project Bike Video

Roland Sands Design is building a 106 cubic inch V-twin Victory project bike with the sole purpose of going 200 mph. What started off as a move to do something different with a Victory turned into a quest for a 200 mph custom cruiser.

Roland Sands says: "This has been a personal goal of mine for sometime and to do it on what was a custom cruiser makes it much harder and more interesting."

Adding the bodywork and performance parts lends itself to setting this project motorcycle apart as a true high-speed performer. It will soon be getting a turbo motor, which will make it a 200 plus HP beast for both land speed attempts and the drag strip.

Click video to learn more about the RSD project with more to come here at Ultimate MotorCycling in the near future, as we are curious to see if Roland and his crew will break this speed barrier.