Maico Announces New F1-Linked Motor

Maico Motocross

Maico International, based in England, has announced that its 2011 motorcycle models will feature a new UK-manufactured engine and frame, the result of what it calls "a unique tie up with a leading engineering manufacturer for F1"

According to a Maico spokesman, the company has been "spending the last six months focusing on major development and working closely with the managing director of the Surrey-based company who engineer and manufacture gears and various other exotic mechanical parts for many of the front running Formula One teams."

For 2011, Maico International will be unleashing a range of five new two-stroke motorcycle engines in 250cc, 320cc, 380cc, 500cc and 700cc capacities. Claimed output for the 250 is expected to top 50 horsepower, and 700cc will be looking at nearly 100 horsepower.

Maico says that an all-new chromoly frame (with aluminum swingarm and subframe) has been designed to match the new engine. The chassis will be available either painted or with a nickel-plated finish. Other premium MX parts include Talon wheels, a Keihin air striker carburetor and an all-new H.G.S. exhaust.

Lesley White says: "Since the launch of the 2010 bike, the response has been solid and steady from around the globe and now we are producing the bikes ourselves entirely in the U.K.," Maico International co-Chief tells us.

"We have worked tirelessly to ensure the standard models exceeds expectations and are a cut above the regular mass produced market that everyone has become acclimatized to. With yet more weight saving introduced for 2011, the new 500 is likely to weigh in at a comparative weight to several other manufacturers 250 two-strokes."

"We have combined this with a list of options, which is likely to read like a who’s-who in engineering terms ranging from billet alloy engine casings and other ancillary alloy parts, to a wide selection of beautifully engineered titanium pieces for both inside and outside the engine, all designed to provide the same level of performance and quality that is delivered to the Formula One Teams."

White explained the secrecy surrounding the project: "For those who may be wondering at our reluctance to name names, due to confidentially agreements which are in place between the Engineering Company and numerous Formula One teams who naturally want to protect any information regarding the design and development on their cars, we feel it’s very unethical to release any further information regarding their identity at this time."

2011 M.M.X Maicos are expected to be released In September, with lead times expected to be up to nine weeks.


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