Sturgis Rally: Buffalo Chip’s Freedom Field

Sturgis Rally

A bunch of volunteers got together on July 25th to begin assembling the Buffalo Chip’s Freedom Field 2010. Those who Remember and Serve: "Now remember," the Gunnery Sergeant told his 10-year-old son, "every one of these that you put in represents five guys lost."

The 19th annual Buffalo Chip Military Tribute will be joined by the American Veterans’ Traveling Tribute on Saturday, August 7th. The public is welcome to join the caravan escorting The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall and other memorials on the last leg of the journey to the Chip, traveling from the Sacora Station Restaurant (I-90 MP 47) to the Legendary Buffalo Chip.

Memorials will be set up on Sunday. Memorials will provide a true depiction of the great sacrifices made throughout the history of our country.

They will consist of:

  • Displays representing statistics from every war/conflict that the USA has been involved in.
  • A series of World War II panels portraying the entire timeline of events.
  • A Korean War tribute representing the timeline of the entire conflict with corresponding battle maps and photos.
  • The Traveling Vietnam Wall – 80% replica (largest replica) of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.
  • The "wall" stretches over 380 ft long from end to end and contains all 58,253 names.
  • The "wall" is current through 2009 and is constantly being updated to accurately pay tribute to those who died during the Vietnam war.
  • A timeline, series of facts and figures, and a display of art from Vietnam veteran artists depicting patriotic and veteran themes.
  • A display of USA founding and significant historical documents including the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other historical documents.


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