Kevin Windham: Motocross Return Interview

AMA Motocross Interview

Just when the 2010 AMA Pro Motocross Nationals are beginning to hit their mid-season stride, and perhaps could use a breath of fresh air, the big news hit: Kevin Windham will be taking Davi Millsaps vacated spot on Honda Red Bull Racing.

Millsaps was injured recently when he was sent over the bars at the Budds Creek National and smacked into the face of the finishline jump, injuring some ribs and a kidney.

So, with a factory bike just sitting around, why not hand it over to a top rider who is doing the same. All right, so K-Dub hasn’t just been sitting around, but he has not been racing, which after all is what the man does best.

We rang up the easy going Missisppi resident to get the inside word on when fans can expect to see the number 14 clawing at some terra firma.

It sounds like you are going to be entering the Nationals after all?

Kevin Windham says: “Yeah, we just decided to commit to the Nationals until Davi makes his return. He has obviously had some health issues and the opportunity presented itself and we decided to take it. We had talked about doing something earlier in the season and lo and behold, something arose. I want to thank Honda Red Bull Racing for giving me the opportunity as well as the Geico Powersports/Honda team for allowing me to do this as well. I think it is going to be fun and I am looking forward to it. I have been following the series a little bit while I have been enjoying my summer off. Now I feel that it is time to come back and the timing is pretty good for me right now.”

The big question is are you race ready? I know for many of you the training never really stops, but have you been able to stay in riding shape?

Kevin Windham says: “Acutally I have been training for a marathon that I was going to do later in the year so I have been putting in a lot of road miles. As far as riding goes, the only riding I have been doing is behind my the boat on my wakeboard. That is about the only riding I have done up until about a week ago as I started getting prepared for the X Games. We are around a month out from the X Games and I think with the weekend off following Red Bud, and the week of riding I have here, going into Millville I feel that I have enough time to be fairly ready.”

“I think it will be interesting to see how that goes, but I want to build off of whatever happens at Millville and continue to get stronger. I know the guys on the tour have been riding really strong and obviously what I have been doing is not nearly on the same level of the guys who have been competing. I am a little behind the curve but I look forward to the challenge and hopefully some good things will happen by the year’s end.”

Have you been able to ride the factory Honda yet?

Kevin Windham says: “No actually I will be heading out to California on Monday to do my first test with the Honda Red Bull Racing crew and that will be my first time with them since 2008, so I’m looking forward to it. I have spoken with both Short and Davi and all of the guys sent me a text saying, ‘welcome back’. We work really closely with the Honda guys for Geico Powersports, so there isn’t really a barrier there. I look forward to working with them directly again.”

You are coming off of a lot of momentum from a solid Supercross season, so that must be a good feeling going into the Nationals. You have already raced with these guys this year so you know what you are up against?

Kevin Windham says: “It’s going to be tough and that was one of the big things we looked at when we were making this decision. I want to do well and I understand that those guys have been riding really strong so I am ready to put my nose to the grindstone and try to make this thing work.”

“As soon as the press release hit and the few people that I talked to before I made the decision, there is just so much excitement around it. Like you said, I had a really good Supercross season, and if I can carry that over to outdoors then that would be a good thing. I’m at a point in my career where riding is just amazing for me and I really appreciate every chance I get. I am taking this seriously and looking forward to this opportunity just like anything else.”

Can we assume that all of your personal sponsors will remain the same?

Kevin Windham says: “Yes, all of my sponsors will remain with me including MSR, DVS, Shoei, Spy, and Gaerne. We will also bring Geico Powersports over as well in addition to the title sponsor of Honda, which is Red Bull. It will be very similar to what Trey Canard did during his 450 Supercross races.”


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