Spoked Motorcycle Wheels by Alpina

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Spoked motorcycle rims typically require a cruel trade-off for streetbikes. Though the lacy intersection of thin spokes exude nostalgia, the distinctive look is also associated with tube tires, a bygone technology that exacerbates the gyroscopic effect by throwing weight to the outside of the rim.

And while sluggish handling might recall the harsh realities of motorcycling’s past, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too?

Seeking to imbue the classic motorcycling look with ultra modern performance, Italian manufacturer Alpina builds a line of spoked motorcycle wheels that can be wrapped with tubeless tires.

The Alpina Tubeless A-System wheels milk maximum performance from aggressive suspension and brake setups by reducing unsprung weight, and can be configured to accommodate different rotor sizes and positions.

Alpina’s wheels boast playfully colorful styling, and were designed specifically for Ducati’s SportClassic motorcycles (and others). The motorcycle parts line includes many color combination as seen above.

Alloy hubs are milled from a single piece of aluminum, and Alpina’s patented nipple design is constructed of zinc-chrome plated steel.

While the wheels maximize the effects of Ducati’s radially mounted floating Brembo calipers and modern tire technology, perhaps the greatest advantage of these intricately constructed wheels is that they combine low weight with the visual delight of 36 double-butted stainless steel spokes.

If you appreciate seeing through your wheels, as well as your bike, you will appreciate the aesthetic utility and design of these wheels. For more information contact jc@jcpakbikes.com or visit: www.alpinawheelsusa.com


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