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If a definitive list was sketched into every designer’s mind while attempting to develop the ultimate sport touring boot, it would have to contain the following: provide protection, satisfy comfort both on and off the bike, and be 100-percent waterproof while still providing breathability.

And don’t forget about style – who wants to look like Napoleon Dynamite while riding/walking? Well, leave it up to the Italians to follow suit. Alpinestars had such a list in mind while creating Supertech Touring Gore-Tex boots.

I’ve been touring with the Supertechs for the past two months, and except for a few visits to the track, these boots are the only platforms transmitting my bikes inner workings into my soles. They are essentially an everyday riding boot capable of unlimited miles on the road.

When I received the CE certified Supertech boots, my first reaction was thoughts of sweaty feet. They appeared very protective, but with the safety of the 12-inch high boot, they also appeared uncomfortable in hot weather…but I was wrong. This is exactly why Alpinestars designed the full-grain leather boots with outer Gore-Tex membrane; this membrane makes the Supertech boots 100-percent waterproof, but simultaneously allows breathability in warmer weather.

How this works: the Gore-Tex membrane contains 9 billion microscopic pores per square inch, large enough to allow heat vapor out. But because the pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, they don’t allow the penetration of water. This formula creates the ultimate water-tight, breathable boot.

And they work. On a recent 1300-mile weekend trip from my Northeastern Pennsylvania residence to visit the AMA Museum in Pickerington, Ohio, I proceeded through about 800 miles of steady rain on the way there and back. My feet remained completely dry, allowing me the comfort needed to push for those few extra scenic roads over the droning highways, even in the rain.

Taking them on and off is a bit of a challenge in the beginning, but once you get comfortable using the dual-side closure, it becomes as natural as tying shoelaces. The inner side has an extra wide Velcro flap over an elastic mounted zipper, and the outer side only a Velcro closing. But before you close/open the side closures, the foot is inside an internal closure that contains no-slip, quick laces; this provides a customized fit inside the boot, and extra waterproofing.

For flexibility while riding and walking, the Supertech boots feature instep and Achilles flex zones, which allow much lateral movement. After a break-in period of about four rides with some walking, these boots didn’t feel like typical riding boots any longer. And with their subtle styling except for the reinforced shifter panel over the toe area, in a crowd they’d appear like everyday boots. While walking, you’ll also have plenty of the grip excepted from typical daily boot – the double compound rubber sole on the Supertech boots provides this, along with durability.

If you do hit the pavement, impact and abrasion protection is provided through double injected PU (synthetic leather) in the shin, calf, heel and toe areas. They also feature a removable foam sole, which provides shock absorption and further impact protection. Being removable, this also provides easy airing out.

With all these features arrives one gripe, though: weight. Whacking the scales at a bit over 4.65 pounds (both), the Supertech Touring Gore-Tex boots weigh almost a pound more than similar boots from Alpinestars’ closest competitors in footwear.

OK, maybe two gripes – the retail price for the Supertech Gore-Tex boots is $459.95. But these may be the only motorcycle boots you’ll need for any type of street riding.

Alpinestars Supertech Touring Gore-Tex Boots: $459.95
Color: Black
Sizes: 3.5 – 14 (US)


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