Blake Young Superbike Crash & Injury

Superbike Accident

Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Blake Young sustained an injury on June 9th after a SuperBike testing crash at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama.

After undergoing testing and a CAT scan, it was determined that the 22-year-old road racer from Wisconsin fractured the L-1 vertebrae in his back. Young is now relegated to a soft body cast to aid in the healing process.

“Specialists indicate the fracture will heal naturally with no surgery required,” Vice President of Yoshimura R&D of America Don Sakakura said. “Blake is expected to fully recover 100 percent from this unfortunate mishap.”

Young high-sided during the motorcycle test, which caused the injury. He was up and about afterwards and when low-level back pain persisted in the days following the test, he sought medical advice.

“The length of Blake’s absence is unknown at this time, but once completely healthy, we look forward to his return to American Superbike racing,” Sakakura said.

Young is currently fourth in points in the AMA American Superbike class, and has tallied two wins this season, both at Road Atlanta in April.


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