Motorcycle Tool Bags: Licks Hand-Crafted

Motorcycle Accessory

Not long ago Licks Cycles introduced a collection of extremely high quality and fully functional leather motorcycle "solo" bags.

Along with the popularity of those motorcycle bags came a flood of requests for something similar in the way of a user friendly Tool Bag.

Licks Cycles jumped on it and recently announced the availability of these extremely high quality, rugged, kick ass Motorcycle Tool Bags.

A very cool and useful companion to the hardcore solo bags these Toll Bags provide quick and easy access to tools or necessary junk you’re always looking for a place to stash where it’s close at hand.

Each bag is hand stitched from the finest quality; rugged, tanned leather with piped flap edges, and quick release buckles so for quick entry and exit without fighting with straps.

Measurements are 10" wide at the bottom and 5" deep.

Licks’ craftsmen don’t cut any corners and you’d be hard pressed to find another tool bag on the market that even comes close to the craftsmanship offered with this product.

The bags have a universal fitment and are perfect for Choppers and Harley-Davidson Stockers alike.

If you already have one of their solo bags, the Licks Motorcycle Tool Bags are manufactured with the exact same black or distressed leather for a perfect match.

Licks’ Tool Bags retail for $99.95 and are available in either black or distressed leather.

Order yours by calling 413-663-9050 or catch them on the Web at Dealer inquiries welcome.