Rev’It Cayenne Pro Apparel | Review

Jacket & Pants

Premium motorcycle apparel can often make the difference between an adventure you relish and a ride that leaves you feeling pickled.

The Cayenne Pro motorcycle jacket and pants ensemble from Rev’It offers an astounding level of flexibility in adapting to various environmental challenges, while remaining comfortable regardless of the configuration of the apparel.

Both the Cayenne Pro jacket and pants consist of a basic protective layer of Cordura (varying strengths), SuperFabric (a textile resistant to abrasion, puncture and cuts), ventilating Dynax mesh, and waterproof Lorica. For impact protection, CE-approved armor guards your shoulders, elbows, back, and knees.

Inside, there is a removable Exkin Air thermal liner for warmth, as well as a detachable Hydratex layer that provides both waterproofing and breathability. Not simply a list of impressive materials, the apparatus keeps you comfortable, dry and safe in inhospitable conditions, as well as rides in ideal weather.

My antipathy toward icy roads prevented me from testing the apparel in sub-freezing temperatures, but into the 30s on the Interstate on a sans fairing motorcycle, the Cayenne Pro pairing kept me warm on hour-long stints with the Exkin Air liner installed.

With the temperature in the 70s, the liner remained comfortable, though I found it preferable to wear simply the outer shell as the mercury hit 80 and above. Well into the 90s, I remained undaunted by the weather.

Although I did not test the apparel in a downpour, standard rain was unable to penetrate the Hyrdatex layer and custom-fit neck closure, yet I was not the victim of uncomfortable sweating thanks to breathability. An integrated jacket fanny pack conveniently stores the layers when they are not installed.

Comfort is outstanding, thanks to stretch panels in the elbows, knees and lower back, hook-and-loop adjustments at the waist, ribs, wrist, and ankles, plus snaps on the arms and elastic at the waist; the extensive fine-tuning allows a custom fit to apparel that already has a supreme ergonomic cut.

Waterproof storage pockets and vents abound, and the two-piece suit can be joined with a heavy-duty zipper for one-piece performance.

For the demanding adventure and touring rider, the Rev’It Cayenne Pro jacket and pants duo offers superior adaptability, comfort, and practicality, and combines these attributes in a stylish package.