Triumph ParkinGO | Monza Day 1

Friday Results

Giuliano Rovelli arrived at Monza with the goal to challenge Fabrizio Perotti. The rider/team manager powered to the pole and was followed by table leader Franco Zenatello and wild card Michael Mazzina.

Tony Salom finished fifth, three tenths of a second behind, while Matteo Marzotto was separated by the Spaniard by two tenths of a second.

The session took place on a wet track and the riders had to display their best skills. Taking into account that the weather is improving, there will probably be some changes in the grid.

The second row was completed by Matteo Marzotto, Samuela De Nardi and Lucio Nicastro.

Twelfth fastest time for wild card and former Torino and Roma footballer "Tarzan" Annoni, who finished in front of "flying" correspondent DJ Ringo.

Giuliano Rovelli says: "Monza is my home track and I would really like to do well here. I raced on this circuit a few days ago on my team's Supersport machine in the Italian Championship, where a crash prevented me from battling for the top 5. My goal, as ever, is to have a good time without losing the pole position!!!".

Michael Mazzina says: "I understood from lap one that this is a high-level competition. I tried to understand the bike today, but I hope to show my full potential on a dry track tomorrow ".

Qualifying 1st Session:

1 23 Rovelli G. (ITA) Street Triple R 1'59.184
2 43 Perotti F. (ITA) Street Triple R 1'59.631
3 47 Zenatello F. (ITA) Street Triple R 2'01.672
4 44 Mazzina M. (ITA) Street Triple R 2'01.830
5 25 Salom T. (ESP) Street Triple R 2'02.111
6 33 Marzotto M. (ITA) Street Triple R 2'02.361
7 84 De Nardi S. (ITA) Street Triple R 2'04.633
8 19 Nicastro C. (ITA) Street Triple R 2'07.553
9 7 Blumetti P. (ITA) Street Triple R 2'07.952
10 9 Annoni E. (ITA) Street Triple R 2'08.201
11 73 Rovelli P. (ITA) Street Triple R 2'12.148
12 93 Mariage F. (FRA) Street Triple R 2'12.852
13 1 Anaclerio R. (ITA) Street Triple R 2'17.069


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