Trial European Championship | Second Round

Baiona Trial

Spanish Alfredo Gomez (Montesa) and British Jack Sheppard (Beta) topped the podium in the second Trial European Championship round held on the wonderful shore of Baiona North-West of Spain, few km from Portugal.

In the Europa class, arriving second today, Italian Matteo Grattarola (Sherco) kept his leadership in the championship and stretched a little on his main rival for the title that at the moment is British Jack Challoner (Beta), again on the third step of the podium.

All the sections resulted quite slippery due to the changeable weather, typical of these ocean venues. At least for 2 third of the competition, it did not rain, which dropped heavily at the end, penalizing the last riders started, who found some sections worsened.

One of these ones was British Alexz Wigg (Beta), who finished in 8th place. The Spanish winner started soon very well scoring only 10 points at the first lap and even if he doubled his score in the second part, his advantage was big enough to let him climb the highest step of the podium.

Grattarola was in third, loosing 19 marks at half competition, behind Spanish Frances Moret (Montesa). The Italian rider rode again better when sections were more difficult and overtook Moret in the second loop; also beat by Challoner by one single mark.

Only one point more for French Alexandre Ferrer, who finished in fifth position (Sherco).

In the Junior class as happened in the previous round, Jack Sheppard showed to be a step above of all the others. Only 9 points his score in the first lap, compared with the 14 of Spanish Pol Tarres (Gas Gas) and the 26 of Spanish Carles Traviesa (Gas Gas), provisionary in the third place.

As did by the winner of the top class, Sheppard doubled his score in the second loop, but won easily ahead of Tarres. Italian Giacomo Saleri (Beta) overtook Traviesa and gained the third step of podium, keeping the second place in the championship, tied with Tarres, behind Sheppard.

1 Alfredo Gomez E RFME Montesa 20
2 Matteo Grattarola I FMI Sherco 17
3 Jack Challoner GB ACU Beta 15
4 Francesc Moret E RFME Montesa 13
5 Alexandre Ferrer F FFM Sherco 11
6 Benoit Dagnicourt F FFM Beta 10
7 Daniele Maurino I FMI GasGas 9
8 Alexz Wigg GB ACU Beta 8
9 Pere Borrellas E RFME GasGas 7
10 Luca Cotone I FMI GasGas 6
11 Tanguy Mottin F FFM GasGas 5
12 Jonathan Richardson GB ACU Sherco 4
13 David Millan E RFME Sherco 3
14 Ivan Peydro E RFME Beta 2
15 Laia Sanz E RFME Montesa 1

1 Jack Sheppard GB ACU Beta 20
2 Pol Tarres E RFME GasGas 17
3 Giacomo Saleri I FMI Beta 15
4 Carles Traviesa E RFME GasGas 13
5 Aaro Castells E RFME GasGas 11
6 Kristoffer Leirvaag N NMF Sherco 10
7 Filippo Locca I FMI Beta 9
8 Cedric Tempier F FFM Sherco 8
9 Ismael Caalin I FMI GasGas 7
10 Jesus Martin E RFME GasGas 6
11 Romain Rigaud F FFM GasGas 5
12 Rafael Latorre E RFME Beta 4
13 Dimitri Wagner F FFM Beta 3
14 Gianmaria Julita I FMI Beta 2
15 Simone Ferrari I FMI Beta 1

Next round is scheduled in Poland, on the 23rd of May.