Joe Rocket | RKT-Hybrid Helmet

Moto Helmet

The growing popularity of adventure motorcycles and supermoto over the past few years has helped usher along development of more focused products for the consumer. Joe Rocket’s all-new RKT-Hybrid motorcycle helmet is a perfect example.

The DOT safety approved polycarbonate composite shell of the RKT-Hybrid employs a motocross-style design with sun/dirt visor and a flip-down face shield; well-suited to the burgeoning adventure worlds of the BMW GS and KTM Adventure machines.

The helmet is designed for wide peripheral visibility with enough room for goggles (that’s the motocross influence) while the visor has flow-through aerodynamics for minimal drag at speed (that’s the supermoto influence).

The visor serves as a rock and dust deflector as well as keeping the sun out of your eyes. The RKT-Hybrid has flow-through ventilation to keep things cool and a removable Nylex interior for washing.

Whether headed into the woods or tackling paved canyons, the RKT-Hybrid fits the bill. On-road, the helmet does well, even with the visor, at reasonable speeds. Off-road, the shield does the trick most of the time and when the dust gets heavy, your favorite set of goggles fit nicely with the shield up.

The helmet is available in Anthracite, Black or Matte Black in sizes XS through 2XL. The MSRP is listed at $174.99 – $204.99.