Motorcycle Riding Suit

If you commute on a motorcycle, chances are you forego protection far too often because of the hassle of donning proper riding gear for the commute, and then changing into the attire needed to function at your job. Joe Rocket’s new Survivor Suit is designed to slip on over your work duds, providing you with the best of both worlds for motorcyclists.

The outer shell is constructed of Resistant Rock Tex 600 and is 100% waterproof. CE-rated armor in shoulders, elbows and knees (along with a double layer of Resistant Rock 600 material) and a removable spine protector provides the proper type of protection when battling the asphalt jungle on your motorcycle.

A FreshAir mesh panel from the upper thigh to the collar helps insulate the suit and the inner liner is removable for washing. The Survivor Suit has SureFit adjustable waistband, upper legs and ankles for a safe, secure fit and a reflective stripe to increase visibility to other motorists. Increased motorcyclist visibility is a proven safety factor.

For those considering some adventure riding with a mix of on-road and off-road, this suit would do you well. Warm and resistant to the elements, it is as close as you might find to a go anywhere, do anything suit for motorcycling. With a warm neck gator, proper gauntlet-style gloves and quality motorcycle boots, it is the ultimate environmental control system for your ride.

The Joe Rocket Survivor Suit is available in Charcoal – Light Grey in men’s sizes S through XXL. The MSRP is $500.

Photos (except sunset photo) by Don Williams